About You

People who tell you to build a marketing platform for your book say that “content is king.”

Well…okay. But:

Do you have a fail-safe way to keep track of all the juicy ideas that you want to share in the future? This takes you into personal knowledge management.

If your ultimate aim is to help people take action based on your ideas, then how do you craft content that will actually help them do that? You’ll benefit by understanding the basics of behavior change.

How do you create good content on a consistent basis, especially when time is scarce? This calls for mastery of the writing process.

How do you know that you have content worth sharing? The answers come from rigorously testing your ideas.

How can you expand your influence and your audience by presenting your content in multiple formats? In the process, you’ll move from being an author to an idea entrepreneur.

Look for answers to the above questions in my archives.

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