Preserving Your Sanity While Writing

4 thoughts on “Preserving Your Sanity While Writing”

  1. Thanks much, Mike. I remember that Michael Toms interview with David Reynolds. Yes, CL was ahead of its time, and some of the newer mindfulness-based therapies echo those core CL principles…. And, I am glad to learn about those unpublished books.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I read David Reynolds’ “water” books 10-15 years ago after listening to a great interview with him on Michael Toms’ New Dimensions radio series. I may have forgotten many particulars but my mantra became “Accept your feelings. Know your purpose. Do what needs to be done.” As I read and look more at the self-help books that are out there, the wisdom packed into those little books strikes me as very much ahead of its time (if not out of its time).

    David Reynolds has posted many of his unpublished books, which seem to mainly be reflections on other texts through the filter of CL, at his web site:

    And thank you for your blog. I’ve been a reader of self-help, pop psych, and denser texts for many years, and I enjoy reading your reflections of the field.

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