Getting Your Book Done, One Post at a Time

I’m excited about a new model for creating books. The emerging name for this process is “blogging your book.”

The basic idea is to create a table of contents for the book you want to write, making sure that it includes subheadings within each chapter. Then you turn each of those subheadings into the title of a blog post and start writing.

This process offers many benefits.

For one, you take the goal of writing a book and turn it into small, actionable steps. The thought of writing 50,000 to 100,000 words can be a real stopper. But the idea of writing 300 to 500 words today—hey, I can do that.

Blogging your book also allows you to test the depth and breadth of your content. If you write 50 blog posts about your topic and still have a lot more to say, that’s a good sign you have enough material to fill a book.

In addition, blogging allows you to test and refine your content based on comments from readers. Ideally, those readers become fans who buy your book.

For more ideas about blogging your book, see:

Also remember that a well-crafted book is more than a raw collection of blog posts. Joel Friedlander explains here. Jane Friedman seconds the motion in this post.


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