Three Essential Resources for People Who Write Nonfiction Books

1. Jane Friedman: Being Human at Electric Speed

Jane, currently an editor at the Virginia Quarterly Review, was publisher of Writer’s Digest. She reliably takes the pulse of the book publishing industry and injects doses of clarity into the general confusion. Her work is especially useful for people who want to publish their first book.

Check out her blog and free advice for writers.

Especially useful is Start Here: How to Get Your Book Published.

Jane will email you a weekly digest of her blog posts. It’s mercifully brief and worth reading.

2. Dan Blank, We Grow Media

Dan’s a gem for people who are getting started with publishing. More specifically, he unlocks the notion of building your marketing platform as a nonfiction writer. He defines this largely as creating a conversation that matters and serving a community of people with a shared interest. This transcends the process of acquiring “followers” and endlessly promoting your stuff.

“When I work with writers and publishers,” Dan writes, “I am focused on providing two things: an immediate positive impact, and a meaningful long-term legacy.”

Dan also emails a weekly digest of his thinking.

3. Maria Popova: Brain Pickings

This one’s for fun and wide-eyed inspiration. Maria combs the Internet for essential ideas about the creative process. Her posts are like good jazz—full of surprises.

Brain Pickings often features posts about reading and writing. Some juicy examples are 10 Tips on Writing from David Ogilvy and New Year’s Resolution Reading List: 9 Books on Reading and Writing.