“Start Every Day as a Producer, Not a Consumer”

The following words are currently rocking my life—particularly as someone with multiple books in process:

I make sure to start every day as a producer, not a consumer.

When you get up, you may start with a good routine like showering and eating, but as soon as you find yourself with some free time you probably get that urge to check Reddit, open that game you were playing, see what you’re missing on Facebook, etc.

Put all of this off until “later.” Start your first free moments of the day with thoughts of what you really want to do; those long-term things you’re working on, or even the basic stuff you need to do today, like cooking, getting ready for exercise, etc….

It sounds subtle, but these are the only days where I find myself getting anything done. I either start my day like this and feel normal and productive, or I look up and realize it’s early evening, I haven’t accomplished anything and I can’t bring myself to focus no matter how hard I want to.


Aligns perfectly with Clay Johnson’s write 500 words before 8 am.


  1. Doug, I keep receiving this message over and over and I’m finally starting to listen! I’m learning to start earlier and turn off all the distractions. One of Leo Babauta’s posts introduced me to Toggl which has been a great little tool to keep me focused. So I really feel like I’m making some good, productive changes!


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