Three Must-Reads for Nonfiction Authors—John Butman on Idea Entrepreneurs

john-butmanCheck out these foundational posts by John Butman, author of Breaking Out: How to Build Influence in a World of Competing Ideas.

Idea Entrepreneur: The New 21st Century Career

The idea entrepreneur is an individual, usually a content expert and often a maverick, whose main goal is to influence how other people think and behave in relation to their cherished topic. These people don’t seek power over others and they’re not motivated by the prospect of achieving great wealth. Their goal is to make a difference, to change the world in some way.

How to Influence People with Your Ideas

Answer these questions: What is my purpose? How does my personal narrative convey the idea? How can people put my idea into practice? Do I have enough supporting material? Who do I really want to reach? How does my idea connect with a greater “thinking journey?”

Should You Write a Book?

Is it impossible for you not to?

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