Chris Brogan on How to Finish Your Book—Five Essential Posts

cbheadshot-300x300While John Butman eloquently explains the why of book writing, Chris Brogan addresses the how. His posts on this subject are practical and grounded in personal experience. The following series goes back a while, but it’s worth revisiting.

Writing a Book—Finding Time

Do you believe that a lack of time stops you from writing a book? After reading this, you can release that excuse. Give up low-priority activities, use small pockets of time, and capture ideas on the run. As Chris notes, “A lot of writing is done before you sit down to actually write.”

Writing a Book—Discipline

This post demolishes the belief that you have to feel “inspired” in order to write. As Brogan notes, “if you’ve kept a decent amount of notes, and if you’ve got a reasonably detailed outline, you can work without inspiration.”

Writing A Book—Structure

Devote at least 25 percent of your book project time to creating a table of contents—a great title along with chapter headings and sub-headings that draw readers in. Then writing your book simply means filling in the spaces between headings. This can be a huge time-saver.

Writing a Book—Marketing And Promotion

No matter whether you sell your book to a publisher or choose to self-publish, promotion is still your job. You can do this without being sleazy.

Writing a Book—Making Money

Can you make money writing a nonfiction book? Well, if you depend solely on book sales, probably not. But if you use your book as a portal to teaching, speaking, and consulting, the outlook gets considerably brighter. Chris lays out the options.