Finding Credible Self-Help — Where to Start

As readers of self-help books, our job is to balance open-mindedness with healthy skepticism. This means looking closely at published work, asking questions, and testing ideas in the laboratory of daily life.

I agree with Jeffery Martin, a psychologist whose motto is: Stick with the researchers who write well. Go with academics who stay close to the data and have a source of income beyond speaking fees and book royalties.

For starters, check out the work of these people:

In this blog, I’ll continue to reflect on my experience with books for behavior change. I am not a psychologist or spiritual teacher. But I am an intelligent non-expert.

More importantly, I am a mortal human being who wants to live with a little more wisdom and compassion.

I’ll alert you to ideas that excite me, confuse me, or alarm me. I invite you to stick around for the ride and join me in the conversation.

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